The original Joey's Pancake House back in 1966
We bet you didn't know that we haven't always been in the building we occupy now.  Way back in 1966 Joey's started in the small building just below the Ghost Town parking lot.  We didn't have our iconic sign just yet and the dining room wasn't as big but the pancakes were just as good!

Brenda O'Keefe Owner of Joey's Pancake House Maggie Valley
Our friends at The Laurel of Asheville share a lovely article of our history and our passion for great food and exceptional service.  Many thanks to Leah Shapiro for the lovely article and Editor in Chief Paul Howey for the fantastic photos.  Click here to read the entire article.

Joey's 50th Anniversary
We are blessed each day to make new friends as well as see friends who have been with us for decades, so in anticipation of our 50th year serving wonderful guests like you we are compiling a book of cherished memories.  

Whether today is your first visit with us or you are a third or fourth generation member of our Joey’s family we would like to hear what makes Joey’s special to you.  Please click here and take a moment to share a memory, an anecdote, or observation that you feel makes Joey’s worth visiting again and again.

Joey's Pancake House Celebrates Women in Business Maggie Valley
Brenda was a proud participant in The Smoky Mountain New's Women In Business issue.  This article discusses the rise and success of women owned businesses in our area.  View the article by clicking here.

Joey's Pancake House 50th Anniversary
This wonderful article appeared in the December 2010 issue of Our State magazine and is still one of our favorites.  After 50 years of history and love this article is worth sharing again.  Many thanks to the wonderful Tommy Tomlinson for capturing the spirit of Joey's.  Read the article by clicking here.