Not so long ago if you took a drive along Maggie Valley's Fie Top Road (the road to Cataloochee Ski Area and Smokey Shadows Lodge) you couldn't help but notice that a little bit of Japan had been transplanted to the roadside. 

Geisha Gardens was a tea room, gift shop and bonsai garden operated by our dear friends Hal and Jinny Jenkins.  Visitors came from all over the world to stroll the gardens and enjoy the restaurant which offered such delights as "The Glorious Geisha Burger" and "The Chunky China Dog" as well as authentic Japanese foods cooked on hibachis.  The gardens were gorgeous with huge lanterns, pools, Japanese style bridges, a gentle stream and if you were lucky you would see the occasional peacock! (see the photos below)  Hal, Jinny and Geisha Gardens are gone now but their spirit lives on in our memories and the stories we share.  Joey, Brenda and several of the current Joey's staff are happy to have called them friends.  If you'd like to read an article we found about Geisha Gardens in the Miami News from 1965, just click here. 

Yesterday the Great Smoky Mountains National Park celebrated it's birthday. On June 15, 1934 the park was established and has since preserved both historical landmarks and a diverse wildlife population. We are proud to live near what has become the most visited National Park in the United States. Join with us to help promote and preserve this national treasure!

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We love getting visits from our elk friends!  This handsome guy paid us a visit yesterday and posed for some photos.  The guests and the Joey's team loved him of course.  The elk were reintroduced to our area back in 2001.  Only 25 elk were released but their numbers have grown and they continue to thrive.  Visitors to Maggie Valley and Joey's Pancake House are often treated to a view of these magnificent creatures.  For more information about the elk in our area click here.

Joey's and Maggie Valley welcome exchange students!
Joey's would like to welcome our exchange students Ilkham Osman from Kazakhstan and Timur Kakhkharov from Russia!  Ilkham and Timur are with an exchange program called Interexchange that allows students from all over the world to gain work and cultural experience in other countries.  These young men will face many challenges in our kitchen but thanks to our wonderful Joey's family, they will also have a Summer filled with fun and adventures.  If you see them be sure to say "Hello!" and welcome them to Maggie Valley!